{estelle's patisserie matcha green tea macaroon} {{blueberry strawberry and green tea macaroons} {estelle's patisserie macaroons}
On a visit to Sacramento, CA I managed to do more then just lobby for better bills, but also found time to check out the best spots in the small city and California State capitol...Sacramento's no Los Angeles or New York, but certainly has some sweet stops worth trying...

Every girl needs her morning cappuccino and macaroon, right? Well this girl does; no need for an average Starbucks, not when a cute little caffe exists right on K street...parisian charm delivered, check!
{1} {2} {3}
{estelle's patisserie}
The most glamorous restaurant in town, hands down, is Ella...right in the center of downtown Sacramento, the space looks fresh, with a soft, pristine white, modern decor...
{ella dining room and bar}
I came here only for a drink, an amazing pink champagne cocktail the cute bartender fixed me, but really wished I had stayed for dinner...the flowers were fresh and the food smelled so good! Must go back! 
{1} {2} {3} {4}
What a chic private dining area (below), I love how the dim lighting illuminates the gold hardware print on the walls! If I lived in Sacramento I would certainly have my birthday dinner here! So pretty!
{ella dining room and bar}
The small city of Sacramento has only one boutique hotel, and trust me, it suits the bill! This historic building is charming, with an east coast private club kind of vibe but updated enough not too feel too stuffy! 
Sacramento Hotels | The Citizen Hotel | Downtown Sacramento Luxury Hotel
{the citizen hotel}
Love the gold elevator doors, it's almost like being in very high end train station, ha! 
Citizen Hotel — Sacramento, United States
{the lobby of the citizen hotel}
The red concierge booth is quite enticing, especially with the dim lighting and matching velvet chairs...
Sacramento Hotels | The Citizen Hotel | Downtown Sacramento Luxury Hotel
{the citizen hotel}
What a perfectly tufted velvet chair with nailhead trim! So classic and comfortable, makes me want to pick up a newspaper and smoke a cigar...or rather blog with a cappuccino, hehe...
Sacramento Hotels | The Citizen Hotel | Downtown Sacramento Luxury Hotel
{the citizen hotel}
Ah what a sweet bed! Even though I stayed down the street at the Sheridan Grand, I will certainly come back when I have a real job! The gold trim of the nightstand is right on, especially with the mustard yellow stripes and bedding, loving the political cartoon artwork as well, 

Gotta love our little California capitol, 

-M. Gisele


While starting the search for some awesome Vegas dresses, I've stumbled upon a few good ones in what I believe is the perfect summer shade. One can never have enough cute dresses! My motto is to buy what you and love and looks good, despite whether or not you need it right away, because something will always come up....I still have several waiting in my closet! Let's just say, a good dress is hard to find! 

Here are some celebrity inspired ideas, Selena Gomez is ready to party in a mini Emilio Pucci dress, Blake Lively is understated and sweet in a girly Lanvin frock, and Elizabeth Banks looks sophisticated in Jill Stuart...let the dress hunt begin, good thing there are all these summer sales!
{selena gomez in emilio pucci} {1} {2} {3} {4} {5} {6}

Selena Gomez looks adorable and fun! This dress is amazing young and fresh, perfect for Vegas or a long night of dancing, without being to revealing...Anything with mesh, lace, or sequin detail appears nightclub appropriate!

This color is super trendy! I'm not really a fan of neon, however, this purplish shade is starting to grow on me...I also love the shape this type of fabric creates, it's young and sophisticated, just like Blake Lively! So pretty...
{blake lively in lanvin} {1} {2} {3} {4} {5} {6}
These dresses are slightly more serious, but just as feminine! I love a good pattern and even though I am not a fan of red (I don't have any red clothes) I would consider quite a few of these...
{elizabeth banks in jill stuart} {1} {2} {3} {4} {5} {6}

Summer sales are here!

-M. Gisele


Lots of Cool Summer Cocktail Recipes here - umbrella drink, anyone?
{image credit}
Once again, back to blogging...and with much summer inspiration! 

My first year of graduate school has come to an end and summer break is here! Of the many things I am looking forward to for the next three months, here are the ones I really hope to check off my Break List...

First on the list, a trip to sunny San Diego, California! A dear friend from Chicago just moved to this wonderful city, which I believe has more sunny days then any other city in the country, and I really have no excuse not to make the two hour drive from LA! So happy to have another girlfriend in SoCal!
{1} {2} {3} {4}
Aside from seeing some beautiful sunsets, I would love to go the San Diego Zoo to see these adorable Pandas, and then have some girly cocktails on the roof of the Andaz Hotel...

Second, read some books, non academic ones that is, preferably by the beach or in bed on Sunday mornings...the best! Here are some good ones I'd like to check out, my goal is to read at least two if not all!
{1} {2} {3} {4}
Third on my list is to actually head to the beach. Despite the fact that the pacific ocean is only four miles from my apartment, I have yet to actually lie on a beach here in Los Angeles!
{1} {2} {3}
Malibu is just a short ride down the Pacific Coast Highway; I really have to stop taking this for granted, and have some fun...can't wait to hike with a view like this (pictured above, upper left) at Escondido Falls; any hiking trail on street called Winding Way has to be charming, right?

Fourth, I would like to send more letters to all my loved ones, most of which are far away! I always feel special when someone takes the time to sit down, handwrite a non-spell checked message, and mail it to me; quite an old fashioned practice, yet still just as meaningful!
Sugar Paper, Los Angeles
{sugar paper}
Fifth on my list, is to drink less Starbucks and more healthy juices (so L.A.)...I really love the Alkalizer from Pressed Juicery, the girl described it as "spicy lemonade" and was right on, but in a good way!
{Pressed Juicery}
Sixth, to have MORE GIRL'S NIGHTS! Now that school is no longer an excuse for 'staying in' (and studying, a.k.a obsessing over pinterest) I need to start going out more with some new girlfriends! I have heard great things about Santa Monica's new Shorebar and The London Bar at The London Hotel, in West Hollywood (pictured below)...
{in demand mimosas} {shorebar} {the london hotel}
My seventh and final task on my summer break list is having a fabulous time in LAS VEGAS with all my wonderful college girlfriends, many of whom I haven't seen since coming to Los Angeles last year, and thus I am thrilled at the thought of a reunion weekend in the craziest city in the country! 

Can't wait to kick back by the pool...with many pretty cocktails in my hand...
{the palazzo pool las vegas}
And check out all of the fabulous hotels, shopping centers, and nightclubs. We are staying at Planet Hollywood, but I'd fancy a walk over to the Cosmopolitan, nice to know it's just across the street! 
{chandelier bar at the cosmopolitan las vegas}
It will be just like being back in the sorority house, but without all those silly "rules" and just happens to fall on my birthday! Can't wait to start shopping for the perfect birthday dress, one that is Vegas appropriate of course...Perhaps something shiny and as my mother would say, a tad risqué...
{rachel gilbert dress} {paradise studs} {jean-michel cazabat pumps} {zara raffia box bag} {vincent longo baby balm lipstick in amorosa} {disco pony dress} 
I am in love with these pumps (pictured above) and I actually just got these awesome earrings (pictured above) with the intent of wearing them during the day, however, they are great for going out as well. So cute and versatile, I love finds like that!

Hope you enjoyed my list and are having an amazing summer!

Blog on, 

-M. Gisele