Mixology 101
{mixology at planet dallies}
This week I went to an after party here at a new young and fun venue rightly titled Mixology 101, the newly added cocktail bar to the popular restaurant Planet Dallies, conveniently located in The Grove Shopping Center, right across from my go to chain ZARA...

Despite it's commercial location, this trendy bar located on top of a Bath and Body Works Shop appears more then just a chain pitstop for shoppers in need of a pick me up. It seems to be a trend now, drinking upscale in LA shopping centers, perhaps now my evening wear and nightlife are in the same place!
Mixology 101 Hollywood Bubbles
{salvatore calabrese}
The brains behind Mixology 101, Salvatore Calabrese, made this drink "Hollywood Bubbles" for those like me who love a little champagne, especially one garnished with strawberries!
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Mixology 101
{mixology 101}
A fresh, modern, and simple decor scheme, the space is perfect for private parties or small groups of friends, perhaps now I will consider shopping at the grove, even if just for a fizzy cocktail at happy hour (and of course some time well spent as ZARA)!

Here's to shopping with a little buzz, 

-M. Gisele 

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