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These rooms are amazing, bathrooms are the easiest rooms to decorate in my opinion, because you can get creative and it is most often the smallest space in a home... 

I love color, but this blackish/dark navy is wonderfully rich (above)....
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This mirror detailing (above) is so pretty, what a simple way to give cabinets a little more glamour...
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Or a lot more glamour (above)!
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The floral wallpaper (above) is great in bathrooms, this seafaomy blue/green color is soft and girly, and I like the contrast between the design and the black and white bath tile on the floor, all mediated by white paneling in between...the mirrored dresser tops it all off! Love it!
sexy rexy bathrooms
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I like how simple this one is (above), even though I would prefer some kind of texture or pattern added to the pale blue color, this room is still open, airy, and clean, perhaps what most people would like from a bathroom...

Glam it up, 

M. Gisele

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