It may not yet be Spring, however, in fashion, it is time to look towards Fall...

Browsing through the 2012 Pre-Fall designer collections I found much inspiration, one of my favorites this coming season is Matthew Williamson....with highly saturated colors, bold prints, and an overall look I like to call "fun sophistication," Williamson's line is relatable to me and my work style...each piece in this collection is equally as beautiful as one another, yet cohesive worn are my favorite looks...

This dress (above) is amazing! The gold/yellow color and beading make it a tad bohemian chic, I feel as if Nicole Richie or Kate Hudson would wear a dress like this...

Lately I have been noticing many pants done in metallic fabrics and I really like the trend...especially when it has some color, I feel as if it adds a subtle flair to more serious looking items, such as these cropped trousers (above & below) the fur jacket is divine!

I cannot say enough great things about this emerald green jacket (above)...I want it in my closet! I feel as if buying colorful jackets is often a challenge because it usually means investing in one trend/color, however I would like to break the mold! No more neutral or black outerwear for me! 

Printed pants are another difficult purchase because it is scary to commit to just one pattern, however if you feel very excited and drawn to one in particular, just go with it! Challenge your style! 

This is one great print I would like to challenge my wardrobe with (above)...granted it is a dress, however I think it could be worn many times, with tights or a blazer or a fur jacket, even with a cardigan at the office...when you love a print, you will make it work!

This last look (above) pretty much incorporates all the elements of this collection that really sparked my interest, the colors are present in a sophisticated way, not overdone, but not unseen...the jacket and pants are luminescent! 


-M. Gisele

{all images via style}

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