[jessica alba via 1 bp blog]
This is one of my all-time favorite magazine covers and certainly the best shot I've seen of seen of the lovely Jessica Alba. The colors are so perfect, pinks and purples and even some green, just everything I love! It reminds me of summer afternoons, when the light just hits bright colors in such a euphoric, saturated's to an ultimate COVERGIRL...

This shot of her did not make the newsstand cover, but as a loyal ELLE subscriber I was fortunate enough to have this cover selected for my copy last December...hope you all enjoy!
[sasha pivovarova via branch and root blog]
This cover is stunning for a number of reasons, for me, the color and the model are so unbelievably cohesive it appears fantasy-like or even futuristic in some respect...either way it is powerful enough to draw in attention, neither the model or the dress is competing for attention...

[sophia loren via 1 bp blog]
If the [hat] fits...and this glamorous, turban-esque, head wear, the Italian film star Sophia Loren, sports on this vintage Vogue cover certainly does; this look may seem decadent but hey, it's the queen of bold, unwarranted sex appeal, Ms. Loren herself who channels this type of fashion sense, nonetheless the seafoam-emeraldish green suits her well...Brava!

[emma watson via cdn]
Despite just my love for feathers, I enjoy this cover, it seems to capture some genuine spontaneity on behalf of Harry Potter actress Emma Watson and she reminds me of my little sister Becky, who not only looked quite like her as a child, but also tends to elicit the same spark in her eye when she is being mischievous or just having some fun....either way it is creative, risky, and without question welcomed in my book...

[kate winslet via tanya robertson]
Kate Winslet's High Fashion is right, what a beautiful portrayal of the risks designers, artists, and writers must take to inspire, attract, and nonetheless "sell" our work and in essence ourselves...regardless Kate looks stunning, confident, and no doubt dreamy in white...on the edge of a city that is what I call a movie star

Take a chance with style, 

-M. Gisele

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