[olivia palermo via fine women beauty]
One of the most coveted fabrics, LACE, remains forever in style for it's feminine detail and can be worn simply, sexy, or sweet...holding a sophisticated allure that will forever be appreciated in the fashion world...Here are some GISELE CHIC-WORTHY, lace dresses and gowns...enjoy!

Olivia Palermo (pictured above) is one of my favorite style icons, partially for her ability to wear her classic style in a modern, fresh, way...this dress is innocent, fun, and just like all good lace, meticulously detailed...

[scarlett johanson via pretty girls wearing clothes blog]
I absolutely love green lace, there is something royally sophisticated about it, I am not crazy about the black band on Scarlett Johanson's dress (above), however the fabric speaks for itself., and the sweetheart neckline looks lovely on her...

[hayden panettiere via daily stab blog]
A perfect example (above) of how sexy, yet still fashion forward, lace can be...I commend this  barely-there-mini dress, for looking just the "right" amount seductive, props to Hayden!

[blake lively via pinterest]
How graceful, elegant, and beautiful this back is on Blake Lively (above)?! Just spectacular...I am somewhat desensitized to red lace, since I feel it's often overdone, however, this is magnificent, just lovely!

[mila kunis via free new fashion design]
 This was one of my favorite red-carpet looks at last year's Academy Awards, Mila Kunis (above) is stunning and goddess-like in this ethereal Elie Saab, lilac, lace gown...future bridesmaid inspiration...

[scarlett johanson via small screen scoop]
And she made the list again...she must really love lace...this look (above) is also from last year's Academy Awards red carpet, and a favorite of mine that I was not immediately sure first look the color seemed off, perhaps because it clashes with the carpet, however, I have come to realize how much I love it, it fits perfectly and the design in the lace is emphasized by the slight plum shade variation...the sheer top is fashionable and modern to me, perhaps outlandish for some, but I kind of like when bras show through...why else should women invest in such beautiful undergarments...overall I find the look wonderful...

Lace, the fabric of love, 

-M. Gisele


  1. I love this post - beautiful dresses! You are making me want to go shopping!! :)

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