Living in L.A. has its perks, Vegas is practically around the corner....

Last weekend a dear friend, Mary, was in town and suggested going for a night and so we followed through...

The ride in was bland, but lightened up once we hit the isolated dessert town! 

First off, we headed to Caesar's Palace. It was elaborate and overly decadent, but enjoyable since that is what Vegas is all about!

While Emma and Mary tested their luck on the slot machines, I wondered off to the pool and was pleasantly surprised, I guess even the Gods did not have it this good...

Next up, the Venetian, my friends to the slots and I the shops!

Before heading back to the hotel to get ready for dinner, we did some sight seeing...I have yet to see the statue of liberty but I am sure this one is relatively similar

Of course the real Eiffel tower is much more majestic, but this one did conjure some nostalgia of Paris... 

After a nice day touring the strip, we headed back and geared up for a night out at the Palms Hotel!

We dined at Nove, a delicious Italian restaurant in the Palms hotel with stunning views of the city...

Stunning, simple, and modern decor, just what a hotspot should be!

Next on the menu, Moon, a nightclub a floor above Nove!

The roof literally opens at the top, so guests can enjoy stunning views of the moon! 

A moonlight dance floor awaited, along with bottle service and booths! 

The outdoor patio had wonderful views of the city and a lot of open space

The weekend loves Vegas, 

-M. Gisele

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