Being a Grad student has its advantages, like learning about something you are actually interested in, and disadvantages, lot's of studying!

I like Sundays to be lazy, casual, AND productive...

Therefore it all starts with Starbucks, it's really my only motivation for studying....seriously

Most often I like to hang out in bed on Sunday mornings. I cannot get enough of the light that pours in from the window, especially when I am able to lay around and not get up for school/work!

However, most of the time I need to get out of bed, and sit at my desk to really get work done. But that doesn't mean I don't like having pretty pictures on my wall to look at and drift away for a moment....

This is an ideal study space for me; the black lacquered walls are glamorous but also serious, smart for getting myself into a productive mindset...

These other are also dream study spaces for me

I love how even with the darker shaded walls, the room is still colorful without bright colors. It shows that no color palette is boring when done properly

I love everything about this space (above) except for the wall color. Even though I love darker walls, even something less stark would have brightened it up, for example if the grey had a shimmer textured layer added, everything on the shelves would pop more

Blue lacquered walls are my all time favorite, just like this one. Having a couch in the study would be very useful for reading but dangerous considering the amount of naps I like to take!

Study Chicly, 

-M. Gisele

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