ELLE UK 2011 via Fashion Fame
I have been thinking a lot lately about how the internet and television have changed the sources for fashion, style and beauty for women around the world. With so many apps, blogs, and programs dedicated to the progression of the art, magazines have and in my belief, will continue to be the most respected source of insight for fashion.

One thing that I truly believe in, however, is the power a bold, printed image of an intelligent, beautiful, and successful woman has over those who see it. Magazine covers intend to do exactly that, at least in the case of the only magazines in my bed tray such as ELLE, VOGUE, BAZAAR, and VANITY FAIR...

Let the photos do the talking

Harper's Bazaar USA 2009 via Magazine
This captures the essence of Carrie Bradshaw, one of the most influential television characters for women, fashion, and relationships, in my opinion

Vogue UK 2001 via Polyvore

Kate Moss, no other model compares, that's really all I can say

Vogue Germany 2010 via Twenty 2

This is my favorite cover of Victoria Beckham because even though her pose is strong, it reflects a certain vulnerability most celebrities try to fight off and captures her in a less intimating light. Strong women are still vulnerable and that is a good thing

Harper's Bazaar UK 2009 via WDW

So many more to display, I will have to make this post consistent, good idea? 

Covers uncover those we believe to know, 

M. Gisele

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