Halloween has always been a fun holiday for me, I love getting into character and consuming loads of sugary sweets...

Here are some of my favorite things for Halloween...

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Taffy apples......yummmmmm

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Apple cider and taffy....I love fall and Halloween!

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If I were to have a Halloween party, a bar such as the one below would come standard...I saw one quite similar to this at a Harry Potter party...gotta love a good green cocktail!

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And I would love to have a scary movie screening in my cute is this? 

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So here are some tre chic costume ideas for Halloween...

The witch is textbook, but the style is classic...who said witches have to be tacky?

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Jackie O, I try to be her for Halloween every ten years....
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Masquerade is the elitist form of fantasy...
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Love Blair Waldorf's take on queen bees, who knew how cute bow headbands can be with prep school blazers?

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Another character icon for me, the undeniably stylish Carrie Bradshaw in the look that iconized her personality for ever...a tank and a tutu, now that is fashion freedom
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50's housewives, the best kind in my book, how glamorous is this?
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Don't be A princess, be THE princess. Marie Antoinette wore royalty quite well... 

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My future children will be subjected to this before the age of 8.....

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And for good reason....

Happy Chic-o-Ween!

-M. Gisele

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