Carousel in Montpelier

While perusing through an art website called,, I discovered some alluring photography from Rebecca Plotnick, an artist from Chicago! 

Plotnick captures beautiful architecture in Versailles, Paris, the south of France, Spain, the UK, and even paints the subways in New York City to have undeniable character. 

As fellow Chicagoan, I am proud to shed some light on Plotnick's work!

Early Morning in Montpelier

If you have ever lived in or visited European cities, this brings back memories... 

On the Beach in Cannes

My paradise, no other beach chicer then Cannes exists...

On the French Riviera

Hall of Mirrors-Versailles, France

In my opinion, Versailles was more beautiful then all of Paris; corruption caused beauty

A ride through Time

New York City subway

New York City subway in mint green
Who knew subways could be so glamorous?

Go in Style, 

-M. Gisele

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