Handbags come in so many styles and say a lot about a person, but I think most women probably carry the same items. Here's what's in my bag, WHAT'S IN YOURS? 

I just recently got a new bag and I am completely obsessed with it! I love the rich green color, and while looking for this one, I decided not to allow myself to buy another black one, I think this color will go with most fall outfits and even work well in Spring and Summer! 

Green Bag via

I needed a really large bag, considering I am a Graduate student and have so much to bring around for school! 

I often bring my macbook, since I am either heading to school or Starbucks, a journal for taking notes (the old-school way), a water bottle, sunglasses, sometimes a camera, and of course my Blackberry! 

I have been using the dual (powder/foundation) by Lancome since high school, and always like to have it ready at my disposal just in case! Mints are a no brainer, and hand cream is a necessity! My hands get really dry!!

MAC lipstick in Pink Nouveau is my signature right now, ipods are entertaining, wallets are standard, ELLE is my bible and Sharpies are just fun, good thing my purse is large! 

What's in YOUR bag?

"Stuff" your bag with style,

-M. Gisele

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