As much as I love my bed (complete with a mirrored bed tray, that yes, I sleep with), I have been thinking more and more about getting a nice throw, perfect for all the naps I love to take!

Here are some inspiration pictures of FUR throws (of course mine would be faux) but you can't beat the luxury...

As much as I like color instead of all-white, I am more of accepting of all white in the bedroom, having the fur adds a little sophistication...

Loving the bronze/gold pairing with a brown throw, however I think most people who go the neutral route are scared to add color! Don't be afraid of color, it makes everything so much more personal and creative! 

Much better! Love the contrast of the throw, wood floors, and blues in the one above! The one bellow is simple for my taste but still added some more color, either way, I love the throws! 

Would you put fur on your bed? 

Be chic in bed, 

-M. Gisele 

(Images via Elle Decor, La Dolce Vita, and

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