If anyone knows Los Angeles-SoCal style, its' RACHEL ZOE

The epitome of BOHO CHIC, Rachel Zoe has always been a source of inspiration for a more sophisticated california girl. Her new line adds elegance to cali's signature beachy waves, sun-kissed skin, and bare bodies look...

                                           Rachel Zoe Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear Collection

I love the contrast between the color and style of this dress. Most red dresses are meant to be very bold and somewhat overpowering, but this one is fun and flirty, yet still fashion forward with the right shoe

This look fully captures Rachel Zoe's esthetic, a casual look that makes a sophisticated statement 

With tights this look would be much more Parisian, but the bare leg gives this classic look a modern twist

These two looks have just right dose of glamour without being overbearing. Nightlife attire often gets too shimmery, sequined, and metallic for my taste, but she found just the right balance to make it cool!

Perfect for colder weather and the office, the climate and our jobs don't have to ruin our style! 


-M. Gisele

All Images via Style.com

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