I am currently obsessing over the notion of having a bar cart in my living room,

Bar carts have been around since before prohibition and have a timeless feel to them, and I have been inspired to make a BAR CART my new project...

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  This bar cart initiated the idea, I love how the mirrored shelves look under the blue glasses and pink flowers, a great use of bold colors!

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This one is more simple and less decorative but still serves its purpose, that is to mobilize spirits! 

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This one is slightly more modern but still functional and chic, I must say, however, I prefer gold more then silver

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LOVE the books, even bar carts need stacks of literature

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My dream bar cart would look just like this. 

I love the brassy metal gold and the simplicity of two symmetrical shelves. The color/finish makes the cart vintage looking, but the shape is still modern. I also think the wheels are nice to have but small enough not to overpower the look

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My dream bar cart would have at least one flower vase, if not two

Vintage cocktails by Assouline

This book is currently on my coffee table, but I would replace it with a book about cappuccinos, and put Vintage Cocktails on my bar cart!

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Of course I would have all the ingredients to make my vodka-soda water-limes,

And a surplus of wine! Pinot grigio would ALWAYS be in stock, but also an assortment for guests who may like merlot or chardonnay 

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Wine stoppers via

These are beautiful! So bright and alluring, a definite favorite of mine

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Stemless wine glasses are not my favorite for wine but I love them for mixed drinks and apparently also as flower vases

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And of course I would have as many bottles of Moet as possible!

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I absolutely adore champagne glasses with gold rims, it reminds me of summer weddings, so elegant!

Can't wait to decorate my own bar cart! 

Drink Chicly, 

-M. Gisele

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