Spring means many things, flowers coming back into bloom, melting snow, rainy afternoons, taxes and if you're in your 20s or 30s you are most likely entering into another wedding season. What started a few years ago for me as a wedding here and there has now become a full blown reality, with about four weddings already set for this year and four last. And I must say I am quite excited for all of them, it's a really sweet feeling to be included in a couple's special day and also another excuse for me to get dressed up. So as I have been searching for dresses for my next one this April, I thought I'd share some of my favorites. I'm really into the pastels, florals and ruffles in every form. I think I have found one I already love from this list, any guesses? Enjoy! 

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{ wearing a BASK toweling blazer at the Beverly Hills Hotel }

As you may know, I am in full on study mode right now preparing for my licensing exam. Is it just me or does studying make people more creative? I find that when I am bored or forced to pay attention to something of little interest my mind tends to wonder into all sorts of arenas, most of which tend to involve a pool and a margarita. While studying at home has been cozy with all this LA rain and cool-ish temps, I can't help thinking I would be better off changing up the location, perhaps I'd understand clinical theories more over a vanilla latte and some hash browns in a fluffy robe in the basement of the Beverly Hills Hotel. Just saying. All of the staycations I have done in Los Angeles including The Beverly Hills Hotel, The SLS, and The Luxe Sunset, have all been very refreshing and worth it to me to explore a new area or just get the same feeling of traveling without having to actually travel. It's a great thing to do with friends or a significant other, someone please propose something now before I go crazy! Enjoy. 

Classic old school Beverly Hills 

For the full sunset strip experience

For the socialite who wants to "get away" but still be 'scene'

For Hollywood Royalty 

A little secret hideaway close to the beach

6. NoMad
For the hip, young 'wish I wish in NYC' crowd 

For the East Coast lovers who still choose year round sunshine 

When you want to escape but don't want to get on a plane

For a local 'girls night out' that will feel like Vegas but thank God it's not

For a romantic getaway, without the traffic



It's March and I must admit, the months between the holidays and May have never been my best. Nothing terrible has happened during that time, it's just nothing too special has ever happened and I have noticed over the years that it's the time when I am not as creative, excited or motivated. So I am not really sure what I am going to do about it just yet but here I am, writing down the things that excite me right now. Enjoy!

1. My reality television obsession, continues with the new trailers and premiere dates for the two Bravo shows I love most, The Real Housewives of New York City and Southern Charm. I just love the RHONY women so much because at least for me, I find them to be the most relatable out of all the women in the franchise, apart my my favorite Heather Dubrow. Bethany is a no-brainier, Carole has lived such a cool and interesting life, Tinsley has great style and I love how southern she is, Luann and Sonia are so self-deprecating, Dorinda is someone I'd love to host me for a weekend and I just can't stay mad at Ramona for long enough! As for Southern Charm I love seeing picturesque Charleston, all the pastel outfits and day drinking. But let's be real, this is Patricia Altschul's world and I'd be more than happy to live right in it! Her house was designed by Mario Buatta and is stunning!!! Is it too late for her to adopt me?? Sorry mom! 

2. Saying "No", this article comes in at the perfect time for us all, another reminder that women are dealing with inequity in many spaces, particularly the workplace, and this amazing article makes the case for saying "no" more often. The idea being that girls and women are often socialized to be agreeable, cause little problems, always help when needed. While these are qualities I appreciate and find positive for myself and others, it also seems to send a message that we aren't as able to set boundaries, advocate for ourselves, or as I like love to say, push back. This is not just something I find in the workplace (aka not pushing for raise, saying no to doing the job of two people, working extra without extra compensation, etc) but reading it really reminded me of the article about Aziz Ansari, which I know was not an incident of rape, but rather another example of how women tend be taught to play coy and polite, and be gate keepers in sexual relationships, while men are praised for their persistence and assertiveness. It's like in princess movies where I don't even remember hearing a proposal. I feel it's these small but important shifts we need to make to really create equality so girls of the next generation are comfortable and confident in expressing themselves, especially when setting boundaries or pushing back against something they aren't 100% okay with. 

3. New restaurants opening in Los Angeles, particularly in Brentwood we have pasta and pizza extraordinaire John and Vinny's coming, as well as the very instagrammable Alfred's Tea. Additionally, I just got word that Mansur Gavriel opened an adorable store on Melrose Place, with a super chic little coffee spot called Cafe Flora, with a beautiful blue cursive logo. More spots that I am excited to try are all the dining options (especially the rooftop) at the new NoMad Hotel in DTLA, the pre-fix tasting menu at Dialogue, Inko Nito and a cool Israeli spot Jaffa. My supperclub has a lot of work ahead of us!!!

4. Study, study, study. I am in full on study mode for my LCSW exam and going to have to really dedicate all my extra time to that! I am admittedly not a natural test taker and really have to get myself to focus hard on the task at hand when sitting for exams! It's so hard to stay on track but I will make sure to write a post when this is all done about what was helpful. Until then, I will be frequenting every coffee shop on my list. Please send good vibes my way!! 


I spent a long weekend in Vail, Colorado, a charming ski town a couple of hours outside Denver. My boyfriend and I rented a house with a bunch of his friends from high school and it was quite the party I must admit! Imagine lots of fireside games, cocktails, and hot tub dips after day trips to the mountain. As a very beginner skier I didn't have the easiest time navigating Vail mountain, but I will say my performance starting out was way better then later! I think after lunch, and a generous glass of champs, I really psyched myself out and became super fearful. To the point at which my very patient and gracious boyfriend suggested he carry my skis while assisting me slide on my bottom down a steep hill. I didn't cry but let's just say I had a "Monica moment". That's one step before a "Monica meltdown", to be clear. But aside from that I truly did enjoy my time skiing, lounging, aprè-ing (aka my new favorite sport). This post won't truly serve as a thorough guide to Vail, but it will have some useful info, like where to sip the most fabulous hot chocolate after a long day in the snow, or start one. Enjoy. 

I am not an avid skier by any means but the group I was with all were. I only went one day to Vail mountain and thoroughly enjoyed myself until my aforementioned mini mountain meltdown. I must say the views were beautiful and the customer service excellent. I loved the mid-vail cafe with tons of options including a full bar and ramen! Aside from Vail, the group headed to Beaver Creek and Copper. Beaver Creek seemed to have the most beautiful views on the runs along pretty ski homes and warm chocolate chip cookies served at the bottom of the mountain! SO sad I missed that!

We rented a house off airbnb which I would highly recommend as an option if you're a large group or family, the one we rented was perfect with a fireplace, hot tub, views of some very pretty snow covered trees, a lofted ceiling and a very wintery home feel. It wasn't ski-in, ski-out but it was a super close drive to Vail Village and Lionshead. There are lots of fabulous hotels in Vail like The Four Seasons Hotel and Residences and The Sebastian, but I must say my favorite was Sonnenlap Hotel. It's extremely charming and evokes the same feeling as all the chic European ski towns along the Swiss Alps. I spent a good amount of time there on the second ski day, after deciding to take it easy and rest my very sore muscles and explore Vail Village. I started with a delicious breakfast at the very cozy Ludwig restaurant before heading to the spa. Apart from a classic steakhouse, this is the type of place you'd imagine heading to for a rustic mountain feel, perfect for a romantic candlelight dinner and a big cozy sweater. After breakfast I headed to the beautiful spa which I would highly recommend paying a visit to if you are into spas or fell one too many times on the mountain the day before!! Like at most hotel spas, I purchased a day pass to enjoy the facilitates and I'd recommend it since resort treatments tend to be so expensive. Since I've gotten older I've started to appreciate relaxation so much more and this was a great spot to do just that. The facilities are beautiful with two outdoor hot tubs and views of the mountains/snow covered trees, an indoor pool and hot tub, sauna, steam room, full bar/lunch service and my favorite, a beautiful fireplace to sit around and lounge in. I brought a book, magazine and my iPad for some light reading around the fire and ordered a champagne cocktail in my soft robe; so basically heaven.

Since we rented a house, everyone pretty much ate on the slopes during the day and cooked together at night, but I was able to scout out some good spots on my day exploring Vail Village, and with the extensive restaurant research I always do before every new city I visit. We all grabbed yummy breakfast sandwiches at Les Delices De France in Lionshead and the whole menu looked great to me, they even had stacks of caviar jars just waiting and mounds of cheese and charcuterie for the afternoon rush. I also had a delicious breakfast at Ludwig's at Sonnenalp Hotel, which was great but is more popular for dinner. For sushi/Japanese I loved Sushi Oka in Vail Village and they have hibachi grills for large groups which would be really fun. Other restaurants I did not get a chance to try but heard a lot of good things about are Sweet Basil, La Bottega, Game Creek Club, Matsuhisha, and Campo de Fiori

My hands down favorite drink was also one too rich for me to make a dent in, but worth it for the warmth and obvious instagram opportunity. The "world famous" hot chocolate at The Four Season's Remedy Bar was at the top of my list and I can honestly say it didn't disappoint. The only problem is I haven't really drank hot chocolate, or straight sugar, in some time so despite my added shot of Bailey's I was pretty overwhelmed with all the sweetness. It was however, quite an experience and so I recommend getting one and sharing. The Remedy Bar had a really great setup with outdoor fire pit tables and a wide selection of drinks and snacks to munch on by the fire, with an incredible view of the mountain. Another good spot for a decadent hot chocolate is at The Sebastian. Other aprés ski spots are The Red Lion, Root and Flower, and Bart & Yeti's.

I am certainly no expert in appropriate ski-wear, I take my inspiration from Slim Aaron's photographs in Gstaad, but I do know what's cozy and cute in cold weather. I love any uniform that involves wearing cashmere sweaters with leggings all day and unfortunately I couldn't find anymore après ski logo sweaters available, but keep your eye out for any leftovers at H&M, where I found my cute red one! I'd also recommend a furry scarf and a knit hat for extra warmth, something I have tended to forget about living in Los Angeles! Other cute essentials below. 

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My desk is my sanctuary and my favorite place to be in my apartment. It's where I am most productive, most creative and most cozy, especially on a rainy day like today. And so I love gathering both functional and beautiful things to place on it and keep me inspired. One of the things I was missing was some type of calendar I could glance at quickly to stay organized and visualize my upcoming month. Hence, the very lovely, wanderlust inspiring around the world calendar by Lydia Marie Elizabeth. I am obsessed with watercolor illustrations and love all of the months in this calendar, my absolute favorites, however, being January's lighthouse at sunset, July's beautiful blue interiors, and November's countryside. It's the perfect addition to my little workspace and another reminder to get more stamps in my passport! You can purchase your own here and follow all her lovely creations on Instagram. Happy Friday!


*This post in collaboration with Lydia Marie Elizabeth


When you're so over the cold and the first sign of Springtime comes, it's quite exciting - well at least that's what I used to think when I lived in a place with seasons. But the feeling is still there for me, despite LA's steady temps of 75-ish degrees pretty much all year round. The pastels, the wake up from the post holiday slug, the pretty new blooms (that does actually happen in Los Angeles) all tend to help me feel a little revived and really just more excited for summer. I remember this time well in Chicago growing up, when the pretty white snow turned into not so pretty brown slush and we were all just trying to find a decent shoe to transition into. Hence the very pretty pastel short Hunter boot I am still lusting over in this guide. And the days that tended to start so cold but ultimately had us stuffing our puffy coats into our backpacks by the time school let out. It was an awkward time, the push and pull for a decent change in weather but it was also an opportunity to feel new again. So I guess that is why I take seasons here in Los Angeles that much more seriously than I did back home, because I really miss the inherent anticiaption of something different. And so the easiest way for me to hit the restart button has always started with my wardrobe and for Spring I have always been so hopeful. So I thought I'd compile some of my tips for freshening up my wardrobe after the winter, hope you enjoy.

Style Tip No. 1 Add a chic scarf to every outfit, the easiest way is to tie one to a handbag to add something extra. It's also a nice way to take something old and make it new and fresh. I have about five silk scarves in various color ranges that I swap out with all my purses but I have also worn them as belts and even tied them around my neck to channel Audrey Hepburn! Since I tend to wear lots of neutrals and blues, my scarves with hints of pink and navy tend to be my favorites so I recommend getting one that either matches or compliments your favorite color palettes. 

Style Tip No. 2 Wear a pastel something. Ever since I bought a light pink coat last winter it’s become such a staple in my wardrobe. I was surprised how many things it goes with, especially since I tend to wear it over jeans or navy leather pants. But if you can’t commit to a full on pastel coat I recommend something smaller, like a purse, sunglasses,  or even an iPhone case. 

Style Tip No. 3 Keep it classic with the chic basics like stripes, trench coats, and tassel loafers. As much as I love a trend, off the shoulder forever, every season has its classics and a trench coat is definitely one of them that I’m not willing to ever tire of. And as our toes defrost it’s back to leather loafers, preferably in with a fun twist, like these pebbled silver slides. Stripes need no explanation. 

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{ scarf | green leather tote old similar here }

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{This post in collaboration with Vionic.}



Nobody does beach art quite like Gray Malin, and once again, he has completely knocked it out of the ball park with his very recent collaboration with the Coral Casino Beach Club in Santa Barbara. The series just screams summer and is perhaps another accurate portrayal of California dreaming. I love the coral and pink tones against the very bright blue sky and pool. Like all of Gray's art, taking a look just immediately transports you into somewhere absolutely beautiful, as if you can already feel the warm sunshine and expect a perfectly crafted cocktail to be delivered within moments from a gorgeous waiter. Similar to Slim Aarons' work, Gray tends to capture some of the most elite places around the world, ones that particularly have a reputation of perfecting luxury. And the Coral Casino Beach Club is no different, evoking that 'summer at the club' feel. The Coral Casino is members only but I went while staying at the Four Seasons across the street, which gives hotel guests access during their stay, and I can assure you it does not disappoint! If you ever plan a trip to Santa Barbara I highly recommend considering it just for the perk! Until then, we will just swoon over the very delightful slice of summer Gray serves up in this collection. Enjoy. 

The Cabana }

Pool Party }


6AM I always tend to follow either the sunrise or my 6am alarm clock, whichever happens to come first. I am a morning person and so having a productive morning is always important to me. I either start my day working out, typically with a run in my neighborhood or Soulcycle class. If I don't work out then I just start working. Some of the best days tend to start with me arriving super early to the office when barely anyone's around or at my beautiful desk at home. 8AM I usually get to the office around this time and immediately start answering emails. I love to listen to or watch some type of news or talk radio pretty much all day, but especially in the morning. My go-to's vary from Airtalk with Larry Mantle, The View, StarTalk Radio, The Lady Gang Podcast or Heather Dubrow's World. I'm not much of a breakfast person and so my typical early mornings consist of hot water with lemon and alternating days of tea, an espresso shot or cup of coffee to follow. Every once in a while I'm feeling cozy and crave a vanilla coconut milk latte. 9AM Despite whether I am at home or in the office, I am usually getting the most work done from now before lunch. I love my mornings and consider this time my peak of productivity most days. I tend to schedule meetings with my interns, client sessions, and phone calls and make a thorough list of everything I need to get done before the end of the day. On the weekends this is my sacred time to furiously pin inspirational images on Pinterest and take my coffee and avocado toast in bed. 12PM Typically I take a lunch break and read up on lots more lifestyle-esque news. My go-to websites are Town & Country Mag,, and a bunch of my favorite blogs like La Dolce Vita, Design Darling, This is Glamorous, and Fashionable Hostess. As much as I try not to I am always eating and consuming online content at the same time. My go-to lunch is usually the five spice and Asian noodle salad from Trader Joe's or whatever yummy and typically healthy leftovers my boyfriend sends me off with. On non-work days I either grab my usual salmon avocado roll at Whole Foods or go to a relatively newer spot that I have become OBSESSED with, KazuNori (I might actually like it more then Sugarfish omg) and I always order the toro and blue crab hand rolls. Life changing. 
1PM This tends to be my last attempt at being highly productive before the second half of the day. I love to get the majority of my to-do list items crossed off and tie up any loose ends, aka returning phone calls, responding to more emails, finishing projects for the majority of the day.  4PM Is when I start to teeter off as I am really a morning person and have a lot of trouble staying productive around this time. Depending on my schedule I will often go for a run at when I can as it really helps break up the day, giving me more energy for whatever's next. If I am working I will often grab a coffee and see a client or schedule some last minute meetings/finally clear my ongoing to-do list. This is also a great time for taking blog pictures, depending on the time of year, but ideally the hour before sunset! 6PM I am either in my car driving home from the office or getting back from a run. If I have an event to go to or evening plans I usually take this time to lie down to rest a second before figuring out parking/outfits and getting ready again. I can't stress how helpful going for a run or working out is when I have to be somewhere on a weeknight because I get so tired! If I am free to be home I love catching up on reality television with my roommate or going for a walk with my boyfriend and his little frenchie Pierre. Depending on the sunset time it's a perfect opportunity to have a glass of rosé before dinner and relax. 7PM Dinner is usually something my boyfriend cooks and tends to be on the healthier side like salmon, veggies, tacos, matzo ball soup, chicken yakatori or sushi. Yes, he makes tuna sashimi, hand rolls me blue crab and makes salmon and yellowtail nigiri all fresh from the Nijiya Market. And yes I know I'm lucky! When I am on my own I buy lots of pre-made-ish food from Whole Foods or Trader Joe's, trying so hard not to Postmate too much but when I do it's usually udon soup and crispy rice! If I go out to dinner I tend to have a glass of rosè or just water. Some places I love to go to nearby are Blue Plate Oysterette, Chin Chin'sScopa, Katsuya, Forma, Sugarfish, Tavern, La ScalaMercado, North ... honestly the list goes on because I love trying new restaurants and hate cooking for myself. 9PM I usually try to be in bed to settle in for the night and tie up a bunch of loose ends before going to sleep. This tends to consist of smearing on retinal cream, prepping my Instagram posts for the following day, buying things I don't really need on Amazon Prime, watching an episode of something on my iPad, reading a few chapters of a book (when I'm being good and actually reading), browsing the Poshmark app for cashmere sweaters and lusting over everything on NET-A-PORTER10AM Sleep, or endless google searches for questions like "are Paris and Nicole still friends?" "how to explain bitcoin to a 5 year old" "can you purchase a royal title?" etc, until I either fall asleep with my iPhone in my hands or give up and watch an old episode of The Real Housewives of New York City

Was this at all interesting? Perhaps next time, "A Weekend With Me?" 



1. Valentine's/Galentine's Day... Some may disagree but I thoroughly enjoy this holiday and always have - boyfriend or no boyfriend. And with the rise in popularity for a Galentine's Day celebration, this card company and florist driven holiday has become more inclusive for anyone who celebrates love. Last year my friends and I had an adorable and delicious Galentine's Day party at home and I must say it wasn't too different from any other girls night in, but oh you know how I love a theme! And like every February, I will be sending my annual valentines and have done a recent post on both digital and good old fashioned paper options to check out in case you missed it. A gift guide of course and oh did I mention again my dream date inspired sunset beach picnic? It's brie-tacular!!!!! 

2. The Royals... I can't say enough good things about the British royal family, especially in recent time, with the addition of Kate Middleton and Megan Markle. I love what Kate and William have done in advocating fully for mental health and taking their support even further by making the issue personal. They have made statements about their own childhoods and went as far to show support for the mental health and well-being of their children, who they said they would support receiving mental health services if need be. This is such a great example of how monarchy can find a new role in this modern world, by representing causes that are important to people! As for Prince Harry, I must say I never thought he was up to much advocacy before I realized he has championed several important causes, but for me the most exciting one being around feminism and fighting for female empowerment. The speech he gave about efforts to reduce child marriages in Nepal and even his confirmation that he is in fact a feminist is life changing considering how the royal family has often steered away from being political or championing their own issues. But the reality is that politics are about people and in my opinion, what is the purpose of having public figures who don't have opinions or missions for the greater good of society? After binge watching the Crown and not surprisingly becoming obsessed, I am very curious about what the evolving role of royals will be. 

3. Book Club... As I have mentioned before, one of my most tangible goals is to attend more nights of the book club I belong to, as every time I leave one I always come out with so much inspiration and pride around the amazing women that make it up. Although I only started attending a few years back, this club has been going on for now 10 years and the organizer has established such a high caliber group of diverse and motivated women. Some of them are published authors, actresses, business owners, mothers, doctors, chefs, movie writers - you name it, the list goes on and on. Not every woman attends every book club but that is part of the beauty of it, making every monthly club night that much more interesting. I love how so many women have welcomed newbie's in and because of that every night turns into such a quality discussion. One that never revolves around the book of the month, of course. 

4. Movies... I just saw Phantom Thread and really loved it. I will admit that it took a while to grow on me but about an hour in I think the whole theater and myself realized there was something really intriguing and deep that made it greater than just the mind blowing aesthetics of 1950's London. Next on my list are so many, some newer/some older but here goes: AnnihilationThoroughbreds, A Kid Like JakeColette, Generation Wealth, and The Happy Prince.

5. Paris Fashion Week... Oh the inspiration! Some of my favorites so far are Valentino, Giambattista Valli, Rodarte, Ellie Saab, and Chanel. I wasn't completely blown away by any one show so far but I am hopeful! Seeing runway fashion always gets me so excited for what is next, I love that designers can continue to keep creating a new storyline every season. Can't wait to see what fashion week in NYC has in store! 

Happy February, 



Hello lovers... so you know I'm a sucker for a holiday and whether I am in a relationship or not, I will always LOVE Valentine's Day! I love the candy, the pinks/reds, the paper valentines that I still send despite being 28 years old. I love that it prompts people to do something sweet and serve as a reminder of just how much you care. And I love the idea of having Galentine's Day, as another excuse to celebrate one of the most important relationships you can have; friendship. But aside from the celebrations, there are still many couples that exchange gifts and I must say I have always tended to be one, not surprisingly. I'm perfectly good with just a nice bouquet of flowers (they don't even have to be roses) and some chocolates, but I would be very happy to see some of the ideas below too, hint, hint. Enjoy!

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Lots of love,