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Oh the glam this season, so many holiday soirées and cocktail frocks to find. So I made a little guide of some, not so basic, dresses I love that can work for most events, including New Year's Eve, the night I always forget to find an outfit for and then end up running to the mall after Christmas frantically with all the other haggard post holiday shoppers. I am also introducing a new section to my blog, the SHOP tab, which will feature my weekly coveted items with links to easily get to. Enjoy!

Tis' the season, 



Every year the holidays roll around and in addition to the many gifts and treats I make for friends and family, I always seem to forget about my co-workers. Fortunately after starting to work as real adult five years ago I started giving out these little jars of heaven that are super easy and relatively inexpensive to make. I love that they are homemade and therefore convey an extra special touch most store bought gifs seem to lack. They also don't take much time and look adorable. I have always used the mason jar gift for hot cocoa and toppings but I have also seen people do it with ingredients for cookies or other baked goods, with the recipe/instructions on the little tag. I also think a little self care kit would be cute too, like filling the jar with small but necessary things like chapstick, tissue paper, bubble bath, etc. I also once made candles in the jar, but that might require a bit more labor and time. So here's what I do with mine, I just add the following items in the following order, wrap with a ribbon, a candy cane and cute message card. I wrote a little message with this gold marker and used my M monogram stamp in gold to give it a more personal touch. Enjoy!

fill the mason jar with
1. decadent hot cocoa mix
3. milk chocolate chips
4. crushed candy canes

And if you love the idea but don't have time, you can buy pre-made ones here!

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I can’t express how much I absolutely love New York City. Perhaps it’s because I’m from Chicago, which many say is very similar to New York in terms of landscape, architecture, food and weather, but I think it might also have to do with my love of fashion, art, Olivia Palermo and the ability to find the best of the best within 30 minutes. New York is in some ways the most important city in the country, or maybe I’ve just been in Los Angeles for too long. NYC was actually at the top of my list to start my career after college but because a good friend had hollywood dreams I choose to start my life in the anthesis city. But I’ll take any excuse to visit, or manically stalk cute Instagram locations on social media and thus I have created a guide for where to stay, eat chic, and take all the good pics. I'v created this list with most of the areas in Manhattan in mind, however, I will admit I have favored the Upper East Side a bit from my two visits so far. Call me old fashioned but I think there is something so classic about the UES that feels very rich in culture and history. I love all the beautiful museums, the cute coffee stand at Sant Ambroeus, the prestigious townhouses, the lobster rolls in the basement of the Plaza, the proximity to Central Park, the sophisticated Polo Bar, the lovely flower cart outside the Mark Hotel and all the well groomed poodles trotting around like they own the place, or at least more important stock then you do. But the rest of the city is booming and I could totally imagine myself walking around Soho after brunch in Greenwich at Claudette's, meeting the girls for into-worthy cocktails at While We Were Young, and admiring the Le CouCou bar during a romantic dinner (the long white candlesticks got me). The museums in New York have some of the very best collections and I would love the chance to make Broadway shows my new movie theater extravaganza equivalent. So here is my sill very immature list of all the wonderful spots in New York City. Enjoy!

{ photo by Diego Farfan }



{ Le CouCou }



{ The Met }





Upper East Side
Greenwich Village
Flatiron/Chelsea/Gramercy Park
West Village
{ Soho }

Lower East Side & East Village

Until Next Time NYC!!