These are the details I live for... I was recently in New York and we quickly stopped for a glass of champagne at the cutest little French spot, Petite Boucherie. When we sat down at the bar and the waiter handed us a few menus I noticed the most adorable yellow tassel dangling from the menu. For most people, including the ones I was with, this is an easily overlooked and even seemingly unnecessary decorative detail. But for me, it's just another beautiful reminder of how the small things make all the difference. And the same goes for these adorable little pink tassel/pom pom satin slides I found recently! The pom pom detail just makes me melt it's so pretty and as much as I wasn't on board with the slide trend before, I have definitely come around over the last year. I remember how popular the pom pom and tassel trend was a few years back, but it's become one of my staples. I will always live for a small feminine detail, be that a bow, tassel, ribbon,  pearl, brooch or pom pom! Get them while they last, enjoy!



MISTAH SHEFFIELD! If you instantly recognize this phrase or the townhome pictured above, then you too also must have spent some time loving the hit 90's series, The Nanny. I can still distinctly remember how exciting this show was in my household. We would all gather around and watch, and my sister and I were allowed those nights to stay up past 9pm. Of course we were both so young and so the majority of the jokes went right over our heads but the gist of Fran's character was more than just funny stereotypes of a Jewish woman from Queens, but really a study in what it was to hold true to yourself, your values, and where you come from. For us, Fran was more than just a Jewish female role model, who lived for a good deal on a two piece sweater set and a Jewish husband whose parents already lived full time in Boca. She was a confident, humble, bold woman who stood by her convictions, but could also laugh at herself. She uplifted others and brought a certain warmth that could only come from the most genuine place. She was willing to put herself out there and not settle for less because deep down she knew she had a good heart, in addition to being fabulous. She dressed boldly not for attention, but because it was an authentic expression of who she was and she wasn't scared to be herself. She was a fish out of water being thrust into the lives of a family from a completely different culture and history. And so for a young girl like me who didn’t exactly understand the punch lines, the amount of chutzpah she possessed was clear, and I too wanted to be my genuine self and let my confidence shine beyond any amount of hairspray. Fortunately I had the chance of meeting her a few years back and she continues to amaze me with her non-profit organization Cancer Schmancer which focuses on tackling the major health crisis with resources aimed at early detection, prevention and policy change. She has been at the fore front of fighting for other people after having experienced her own battle with cancer, another demonstration of how this woman's spirit continues to stay strong in the mist of adversity. 

So of course I couldn't help but check out the upper east side townhome they used for the show after my run and walk around the neighborhood. Even though they shot the entire show in Los Angeles, it was still pretty cool to get to see it in person! If you're interested in checking it out yourself, the address is 7 E 75th Street, New York, New York 10021. The townhome is divided up into several units now but still maintains quite the regal facade it always had. I definitely recommend talking a walk nearby in the neighborhood. Thank you Fran for being one of many great role models, your laugh will forever inspire me, just as much as it makes me smile.  



It was a truly magical evening last weekend, attending a beautiful wedding at the esteemed New York Public Library. The venue alone had me quite excited, as like many people who grew up on the Sex and the City idea of New York couldn't forget the place Carrie had intended on marrying Mr. Big, who looking back I see major issues with, but that deserves another post in itself. That dream obviously didn't pan out for shoe loving Carrie but I can assure you it did for this lovely couple, and my fashion dreams that just came true. Since the library is so historic, my goal was to wear something elegant and timeless. This was quite a search and for a longtime I was going back and forth between this one pretty pink number from Rent the Runway. Ultimately, I couldn't find anything better and like I do most of the time, I ended up falling deeper in love with my original choice. Fortunately, it was still available and ready to ship to my hotel a couple days before in case of any fashion emergencies! And as you may already know, Rent the Runway ships two sizes complimentary so you have a much better chance of getting a good fit. Since it was October in New York City I figured I'd wear a cute fur stole, despite the fact that the weather was pretty warm (and unfortunately the leaves hadn't yet changed). So I found this beautiful blush faux fur on Etsy and it complimented the pink dress perfectly. I finished the rest of the look with some pretty statement earrings, a small vintage pearl bag (similar  version here) and blush pointy toe stilettos. Threw my hair back from my face and was ready to dance the night away! Enjoy! 


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Finally, my favorite season for dressing is here. As much as summer truly is my favorite season, I can't help but get excited for autumn weather.  It's more fun when there's more you can do with so many layers and accessories. But for the most part I just always want to wear a sweater. So from my last few weeks of searching for all the goods of the new season, I've rounded up all my favorites for you. Enjoy!

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1. My trip to NYC. Arthur and I are headed to New York soon for a wedding and I can't be more excited. I can't wait to see the changing leaves, run through central park and hopefully experience some legitimate Fall weather. I of course have a list of places to eat and things to do but I think I am just most excited to experience the energy of New York City. It's such a different lifestyle and pace than Los Angeles and reminds me of a much bigger and quicker Chicago. 

2. So many good movies to see. After watching Crazy Rich Asians three times (yes, I am obsessed) and doing a Harry Potter marathon this past weekend, I am ready to see some of the new films out there. This is now the season for all the best movies so they can qualify for the Oscars, so here we go! Some on my list are A Simple Favor, Colette, The Children Act, A Boy. A Girl. A Dream., and the upcoming films On the Basis of Sex and Widows. I also just saw Madame, loved it and now would like to get back to France as soon as possible. 

3. Obsessed with my new staple nail polish find, a nude, slightly brown tinted color by Essie called pass-port to sail. It's classic and understated but also gives just enough color to add something a little glamorous. Also, it's light enough to not show a little chip at the end so it lasts me about a two weeks with a natural manicure. 

4. The Fall spirit is back. At least in theory in Los Angeles, and I can't be more excited to get into the seasons and all the fun they bring each year. I have already found a few pretty squash pumpkins to decorate our home, made amazing cinnamon rolls and watched a Harry Potter marathon with my fiancĂ©. Still excited to watch Hocus Pocus and paint some pumpkins with friends and still searching for a good Halloween costume. Any recommendations greatly welcomed! 



A simple autumn cocktail, just brut champagne and a fig to garnish. That’s it everyone, what else can I say in this post? Let me try. Why do I need to get so festive, even if it's just adding a simple slice of fig in my champagne glass? Because I just love the repetition of the seasons. As I have attempted to articulate many times before, I think there is something so comforting about knowing what to expect. It's as if the changing of the weather and the traditions we attach to it provides some type of familiarity we all crave. It tends to remind me of the good things that happened in previous years and there is just something so satisfying about that. Of course not everyone is reminded of great memories around holidays, however, the fact that it's the same season doesn't have to take away from it being a new year too and a new opportunity. And so when I go searching for fresh figs, dried slices of blood oranges and cinnamon sticks to garnish the same cocktails I drink all year round, it's both fresh and exciting but also a great reminder of all those good times. And sometimes that's just a the trick to take an average day and make it just a little more special. Enjoy.



It's starting....If you're a longtime Gisele Chic reader (god bless you and I am willing to give you my first born I'm so grateful) you may notice some familiar fall inspirational images here. And that's just the reality, some of these images I truly believe will stand the test of time and ALWAYS get me excited for all the wonders of autumn. I see a chunky cream sweater and instantly I feel all the feels; chilly afternoons made better with apple cider scents and houndstooth wool coats. Fall is essentially the very beginning of the holiday season, when all the festive fun starts and people get back into their traditions. The changing of seasons is always such a great change, because it's one we are so familiar with. It's the new but also the old and I find it so comforting and yet exciting at the same time. I guess it's reminder that we can hold on to what we love while also getting the opportunity to start anew. And so seeing (or dreaming of) the changing colors is like the appetizer before the feast and I've rounded up all the top hors d'oeuvre. Enjoy! 

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